spring special
Training days will take place on Fridays and Saturdays. Training dates by appointment only, call (877) 405-8423 for details.
Day 1:
Friday will be a day to bring your video camera and your notepad. On this day you will watch, learn, and ask questions as one of our two crews will install 1000 plus ft of curbing at contracted houses. We use Curb Juice and run galvanized steel on every single job. Our two crews combined do between 800-1000 jobs per year. We will show you the tricks of trades for a successful landscape curbing business. The efficiencies that you will learn will not only pay for your training, time and time again, but will increase your bottom line profit. It does not matter what machine you run or what equipment you use. Our trailers are conventional trailers that were self- fabricated for one purpose only... efficiency! Bring your camera! We are dedicated to slashing your learning curve and show you how to install the highest quality product!
Day 2:
Saturday will be your time to shine! We will be going out to one of our training sites and outfit your machine with our patented cable guide system. You will then learn how to run your machine with our cable system! You will also learn and experience first- hand how awesome the curb juice works. You will learn how to properly prepare the trench, mix, drive, use curb juice, finish, stamp, cut control joints, and properly learn how to clean up during and after the job is completed. We will show you how to maximize your crew’s efficiency! Remember, curbing is installed one foot at a time. When you learn all the proper steps, installing curb is a lot easier. The concrete curbing business is a tough industry, both physically and mentally. We want to help you take the guess work out of installing. Our sales associates will also be on hand to answer any questions you may have in regards to introducing yourselves in a professional manner to closing a no pressure sale. Feel free to contact us with any other questions.

Natural Stone Training - (Installers getting $10/ft.)

Bad Curb Curb Solutions
Bad Curb

Most realistic natural looking curb available!

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