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Curb ReinforcerTM - cable guide system for landscaping curbing machine
  • Steel cable spools specifically designed for the Curb ReinforcerTM system
  • Bolt on system - The only drilling required is on the bottom center of the plunger head, and the side of the machine for the wire guide bracket.
  • US Patent (7,871,256)
  • Hands Free
  • Universal mount {will mount and work on any plunger style machine}
  • Our system gives the installer the ability to run 1-2 strands of 1/8 galvanized steel cable through your curb.
Why use Steel Cable in Landscape Curbing?
  • Reduce your customer service call backs on heaving and separation.
  • Stay ahead of your competition and get more jobs.
  • Maximize your curbs strength & minimize separation.
  • Add 1700 lbs tensile strength to your product.
  • Increase your product value and customer service.
  • Raise the product bar in your market.
  • Due to the increase in tariffs the price of this product has risen, please call for pricing.
Natural Stone How-To DVD/Stamps
  • Training DVD
  • 5 Stamps
*Curb Juice has been discontinued and is no longer available.
  We apologize for any inconvenience.
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